Criterion Capital is a real estate asset manager that identifies, acquires, develops and manages real estate on behalf of long-term Investors.

As an entrepreneurial, privately-owned business we offer a proactive, results-driven culture and a collaborative environment for our Investors.

Senior Management

Criterion Capital has a well-resourced team of committed professionals from the fields of finance, asset management, surveying, development and construction.


Asif Aziz, Chief Executive Officer

Asif has over 30 years’ experience of creating value and has an in depth knowledge of the London property market.

James Burfitt, Head of Construction

Karl Elliott, Head of Portfolio

Karl brings extensive asset management experience spanning retail, office and residential property; together with experience in managing acquisitions and disposals of various asset types.

Rob Hill, Chief Financial Officer

Robert Hoadley, Head of Asset Management

Robert has experience in diverse property sectors, from hotels and leisure to professional services. Robert started his real estate career with property management roles at Grand Metropolitan Estates and Granada PLC.

Graham Wood, Chief Investment Officer

A chartered accountant and corporate finance specialist, Graham has previously worked at advisory firms Ernst & Young and KPMG. His track record includes advising on significant transactions on behalf of major property industry players including Delancey, Deutsche Bank and Kennedy Wilson.

Social Responsibility and Charitable Investment


Criterion Capital is fully committed to achieving sustainability and environmental criteria that minimise waste and carbon emissions. The energy performance of our portfolio is important to us, our investors and our occupiers. We work hard to understand the environmental impact of the properties we acquire and continuously monitor our portfolio to find ways to make it more energy efficient. We are also committed to sustainable development, incorporating green technologies into our design process, sourcing sustainable materials, and opting for low carbon or renewable energy sources wherever possible.

Community Engagement

We recognise that properties are not just investment assets, they are part of the built environment in which communities live and work and businesses thrive. Successful assets are the ones that work not only the investors but also the occupiers, visitors and the local community. We consult a wide range of stakeholders, not least local residents, on all of our major development proposals.

Charitable Investment

Applying entrepreneurship to help improve the lives and the prospects of diverse communities, both at home and internationally, is very much part of Criterion Capital’s ethos. On behalf of our investors we set aside a proportion of revenues to support a number of charitable community and educational organisations. These include charities that specifically help women and girls. In this respect we share similar goals to the Department for International Development’s strategic vision to help stop the disproportionate poverty currently borne by women and girls worldwide before it starts.

Key charities supported by Criterion Capital include:

The Mosaic Futures Primary School Mentoring Project

Founded by HRH the Prince of Wales and funded exclusively by Criterion Capital, the charity aims to raise aspirations of young girls from minority backgrounds and to help mothers support their daughters to fulfil their potential and embrace their host country.


The charity invests in education for girls and young women in rural areas of Africa, who are often excluded from education because poverty prevents their families from sending both sons and daughters to school. Research shows if you educate a girl she will earn up to 25% more and reinvest 90% in her family, be three times less likely to become HIV-positive and have fewer, healthier children who are 40% more likely to live past the age of five.

Seeing is Believing

The charity helps to restore the sight of over 10 million people across 20 countries who suffer from cataracts, as well as helping to tackle the causes of preventable blindness such as glaucoma, trachoma and river blindness. Standard Chartered Bank matches our donation, £1 for every £1 we donate.